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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Is having your shooting arm in front of your face detrimental to your jump shot?

When I look at the mirror using my form my arm covers the entire right side of my face. A quick google search on the matter did not yield any results so I decided to post here, especially since I remember a particularly helpful fellow, I think his name was Swaggin. I used to be an excellent shooter, no hesitation and my jumper would always feel right, even when it missed. But ever since I had a severe ankle sprain, I was forced to take a 3 month hiatus from basketball. Needless to say, my jump shot was never the same again. It's been more than 2 years since the incident and I've been through so many jump shot forms in search of my old one that I can transition between every single NBA players' forms at will, and then some. I've broken down every single aspect of why I thought my jumper was off, why I missed and whatnot, and even when I thought I finally had it all figured out, another incorrect element of my jump shot came into play. Trust me, I went through it all: legs, degree of elbow bend, shooting on the way up, fluidity;not shooting in steps, follow-through, keeping your arm up and pointed at the rim, height of ball relative to head when shooting, you name it. But when this dawned on me I thought to myself, "How the hell did I miss that?" I just want to know if this is really affecting my shot or if this is actually the correct arm positioning and I shouldn't worry about it. Also I want to be sure of this before I apply the possible change to my shooting tomorrow, because if it isn't a worthwhile change, it will just make things worse.

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