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Default Re: It's not only Muslims who are easily incited. (video)

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Some Dutch dude in Chiang Mai got 75 years for spray painting 5 public portraits of the King. Fifteen years per pic.

Can't falk with the King. I have a picture of the King with Elvis (the King and the King) its pretty dope. Im a big Bhumibol fan

He was Swiss, and he got like ten years.

Man, I like Boomer (as I like to call him), and he's done an incredible job holding together this chaotic-ass country for sixty-some years, but it's funny how the new government has to crack down so hard on lese majeste infringements when a while back the king himself said he didn't really completely approve of those laws.

Not too long ago I fumbled my change in a bathroom and just caught it with my feet, and a dude wanted to beat me up. I just barely reasoned my way out of it by comparing the impact that the soles of my shoes would make on the king's face versus leaving the coins under a toilet bowl while people **** on him all day. I got some serious glares, but I came out alive. It's not a healthy obsession that the Thais have, considering Boomer's age.
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