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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Not gonna take a stance either way but being in shape and being in basketball shape is two different things. If you've played ball competitively, you know what I mean.

When I fractured my hip I was in tremendous shape. I added about 15 lbs of muscle.My timing was off though because all I could do was swim all summer. I remember after that summer,it took me a month to re-master a reverse layup.The added weight + the time off + my back pain that worsened because I was on crutches meant i had to almost re-learn how to do certain things on the court.

Hopefully,this is the case with Amare. Only time will tell. His grace period is running out of time with me.
I agree 100%. Dirk is/was having the same problem.

With that said he shouldnt have played took his time to get right. He is useless on the hardwood. If he cant score and doesnt play defense GTFOff the court till your ready.
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