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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
Dirk took time off to get himself together. He isnt going to get better by stinking up the joint the way he's been. Get in the gym learn to play basketball and get your skills up.

Maybe you can get better by playing live games but most people practice in the gym get the moves right first.

I always prepared doing my T and batting cage work before I faced 92 mph fastballs... Maybe you dont you just play to get in shape dont think you can be any good that way.
Dirk has the luxury of a ring. If Amare took time off to get back to game shape without being hurt,he would b getting killed by the media. Cmon, we all know Dantoni is like a plantation slave owner. He always rushes guys back. Not to mention, Dolan aint lettin the 100 million dolla man just chill lol.
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