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I've seen Gordon play a few times, and I really do think he's better than Rose, if only because he's a little bigger and a little more polished, and a much better shooter, though slightly less athletic (though that's like saying "Steve Francis is less athletic than Dwyane Wade") and not as good of a ball handler. When North Central played Simeon last December, Gordon outscored Rose 32 to 6, and Derrick had 9 TO's.

Then again, Rose outscored EJ 20-10 a few weeks ago in an AAU games, so who knows.

Rose, Gordon and Brian Randle on the same court.....that'd be the Flyin' Illini all over again. I'd want to take those guys back in a time machine and do a team dunk contest against Kenny Battle, Nick Anderson and Kendall Gill.
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