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Default Re: how did texas get kevin durant?

Originally Posted by unbreakable
i was thinking about how much i used to love maryland back in the day when they had dixon, blake, etc.

seeing as how durant is from the area, how did the east coast miss out on this guy?
All we used to hear is how Gary Williams couldn't recruit the area. Durant, Carmelo, Beasley, Lawson...big time college players who chose to go elsewhere.

And Rudy Gay...

Gay's college recruitment and decision to attend the University of Connecticut over the University of Maryland were controversial. Gay had expressed a desire to attend Maryland and said that he grew up rooting for the team, but he ultimately chose UConn. Because of the heavy involvement of an AAU coach and a high school coach, there was the appearance of impropriety, although no NCAA recruiting violations were discovered. The NCAA adopted a new scheduling rule after UConn paid $25,000 to schedule a game against the Beltway Ballers, an ad hoc AAU team that consisted of Gay's former teammates. Although it violated no standing rule at the time, media observers and Connecticut staff considered it directly connected to the recruitment. According to individuals close to Maryland head coach Gary Williams, the recruitment demonstrated that rule bending is often necessary to secure highly touted players, which Williams said he is unwilling to do, even at the expense of recruiting.
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