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Yeah, my opinion has definitely changed on Julian.

Keep in mind, I also thought all of these things when Illinois still conceivably had a chance at him (Julian is the one and only kid that I feel Weber simply did a poor job of recruiting). I hate when people say things like, "Oh, you wouldn't say that if he committed to Illinois!" I may not say it, because I don't like badmouthing our guys, but I'd still think it. Same thing with Scheyer. I've never felt that he's going to be an impact player in college (though considering how much better his outside shot got in his senior year, I may reconsider that one), yet if I say so, people will think it's only because he committed to Duke.

But watching him in high school, I saw a guy who I thought was going to be somewhat of a disappointment in college no matter where he ended up. Obviously he's a ridiculous athlete and a very good passer, I just didn't think he'd ever have the ball in his hands long enough to do much with that passing ability, because I didn't think he could handle it well enough to be a small forward, much less a point guard, like some laughably predicted.

The big thing for him was he accepted and embraced the idea of playing PF. He simply doesn't yet shoot it well enough from the outside to do anything else, but he's developed a nice midrange jumper. There were times later in the year where I saw him be the guy to flash to the soft spot in the zone, and knock down a little 12-foot jumper in the lane. Granted, I didn't get to watch him every game, but was one of the things that turned his season around, if you ask me.

Plus, his ballhandling ability is a little better than I thought, at least in the open court.

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