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Default Re: The Official LakersDynasty Owes Me $50 Thread

Wow, so many haaters. Everyone get of my dick. I didn't even remember that bet. How was I supposed to know that the Warriors would rape the Pacers and get Harrington/Jackson for their overpaid scrubs? If it wasn't for that trade, they wouldn't be where they are now. They were over 10 games under .500 during one point in the season. Anyway, I'll pay up once I get my Credit Card back which I reported stolen two days ago.

And since when do people follow through with their bets? Usually, the only time people follow through is if it's a one week avatar bet.

I made an ish banishment bet with HallAndOates (FOREVER), he lost, didn't leave for more than 2 days. Do you see me crying about it?

I made an ish banishment bet with Pleezebelieve for 3 months, he lost, came back a week later with a different username (FatLever), then a week after that he started posting with his Pleezebelieve username again. Do you see me crying about it?

That's just a couple of examples off the top of my head, plenty of other times where people didn't follow through with their bets. But whatever, let's all single out LD because we hate him so much for being a Lakers fan.
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