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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by GreenChampion
This is the same thing he always says in trying to defend his inferior league.

If you want to see how "good" the Euroleague is, just look at the weekly MVPs.

First five weeks were ALL NBA players (Farmar, Batum and Kirilenko). This is about when the lockout ended and players began returning to their teams.

It should also be noted that out of the 20 given, Nenad Kristic (yeah he dominated the NBA didn't he?) and Kirilenko racked up 6 weekly MVPs between them.

So why the hell have Krstic, Law, Kirilenko, Vaujacic, Weems. etc. all of the NBA players STILL playing their not won the award every week and every month?

Explain that one genius.
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