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Default Re: OT: AS Roma Versus Manchester United Champions League Play Airing Right Now On ES

Originally Posted by Soccer10
Well, I didn't quite mean to say that Italy is a disgrace although I"ll tell you right now that I'm not a fan of the politics in Italy and people who had key positions in your government and a lot of other things but what I really meant to say was that a football in Italy is a disgrace, more than a disgrace in fact.

I don't like football. I used to root for juventus, but I got bored by football (wherever it's played) long before what happened last summer. I'm an athlete and athlethic instructor, I like watching swimming, skiing, biathlon, tennis, basketball, american football, rugby.. etc. etc. ... on tv, and I find that each of this sport is more interesting than football is right now.


First of all, your fans are by far the worst, especially in Rome although the other parts of countries aren't far behind.

Thato goes to my paragraph about violence. Saying that football is national sport in Italy is not clear enough. The disproportion between football and "other sports" is embarassing. It's more than obvious that football has become the target for all violence instincts repressed in every day life. And you have no idea of what happens during children football games.

If you know anything about Roma ultras you do know that they're fan of knives. If you know anything about SS Lazio fans and some of their players you know that they're racist scumbags.

I know a few fans of both teams, and this you just reported is a kind of urban legend.. it's not false.. it's just exagerated if you describe this way the whole cathegory. What they lack, unfortunately, is the capability to isolate and ostracize the violent ones.


It's not like there isn't any violence elsewhere but violence in Italy is always a matter.

Why do you say that?

Where else in the world do teams buy championships? Where else do the teams win championships by managers buying games from the ref organization?

Ehr? Everywhere? there's many ways to show a lack of honesty. What Michigan did a few years ago, what Barry Bonds did, what Ben Johnson did...

I don't have time to answer about the rest.

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