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Tim Thomas a very good replacement for the departing Vladamir Radmanovic. I think he's a little more athletic than Vlade with just as good an outside shot and better overall defense. The big question mark is Tim's dedication to the game. But I think it will be fine with Sam Cassell and Elton Brand there to keep him on track. It's incredible to see The Clippers with all this confidence.

But with all the money The Clippers will be paying Tim, he will eventually be the starting SF. That means Corey Maggette will, more than likely, be part of a trade package. I believe that The Clippers are going to wait until the middle of the season whether to trade Corey or not. It probably will depend on how well the team is performing. And by that time, there will be more teams willing to trade for an athletic SF of Corey's ability. The Clippers aren't in a hurry right now.
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