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Default Re: Why is Air Alert bad for you? GOOD READ

I was rummaging through basketball storage toward the beginning of the year and I came across an Air Alert packet (Vol. 3 I think). Since I'm no longer playing with a real team in the winter, January and February constitute the doldrums of basketball playing options for me in Michigan. As such, with little to no access to a weight room, I decided to embark on the Air Alert as a means to maintain my leg activity. It has been solid so far.

I've heard of knee issues resulting from this program but I have not yet encountered anything within that realm. I'm not necessarily looking to gain many inches. Rather, as I mentioned, I'm just looking to keep my legs alive. This program has done a good job at that thus far.

The biggest thing a program like this has provided me is direction and purpose. I'd be open to hearing the plans of others (I've heard of the Vertical Jump Bible but don't know much about it). My issues in the past regarding leg exercises was that I lacked a reliable schedule and I didn't entirely know how much of what exercises to execute. As such, a program has helped fill in some blanks.
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