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Default Re: when you cross the ball over, how do u protect the ball?

Originally Posted by devin112
when i cross it over from right to left, i keep the ball as far from my body as I can and I try to stay low, but some defenders with quick hands and long arms will try to reach across my body. Should I use my off ball hand to guard against this? how should I do it? a vid or pic would be helpful thanks.
Devin, I'm not sure I entirely understand the circumstance here. When you're crossing right-to-left you have the ball as far away from your body as possible? Meaning you're dribbling as close to your defender as you can? Also, are you facing up your defender when you're crossing over? If so, could you further explain what you mean by your defender reaching across your body? They're not just plucking the rock away mid-cross?

Some basic rules of thumb for crossovers include only crossing over when it's necessary. If a defender seems to be sitting on a cross, then it is likely not a good idea to perform the cross. Sometimes a fake cross/in-and-out dribble is in order. Or, as Push mentioned, a jab/cross-step.

In terms of using an off-arm. I do this whenever the situation calls, not just on crossover attempts. Most often, when I'm handling the ball, my off-hand will always be elevated (aka not resting by my side) as it will allow a cross to reach that other hand quicker, it'll allow me to pull up for a jump shot quicker, and it'll act as an arm-bar if defenders attempt to make a play on the ball.
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