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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by Euroleague
They are the same as the Americans. NBA only fans. They have never even seen a Euroleague game. I have actually talked to Filipinos that believe the best players in Euroleague could not even make an average NCAA team. They are just as delusional as the American NBA only fans.

It's funny though, because Yao Ming is Asian, and he said the Euroleague is equal level to the NBA. But the NBA only fans from Asia, that have never even seen a Euroleague game, know better..........

Yao Ming prepping himself for his Euroleague debut in the locker room.

"Euroleague is equal level to the NBA as long as I only play in street-clothes on crutches. Had I not shattered my foot from the brutal, highly competitive NBA - things would be different."

"Yes, of course I can dunk on these 9 foot rims - my crippling Injury doesn't matter, I don't have to jump to dunk anymore"

"It boggles my mind how shooters in this league are as cold as a witches tit yet all they have to do is shoot from 16 feet out to score a 3 pointer."

"The 44 foot court length makes getting up and down the court no problem with crutches, I'm usually the first one down the floor."

"How am I supposed to win MVP's when I'm suffocating with laughter as a 5'10 ginger with the wingspan of a T-Rex is tasked with stopping me in the post? That ginger couldn't even dunk on the 9 foot hoop. Euroleague is a joke."


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