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Default Re: MLB The Show 12.

If you can get the Canadian version you get the privilege of having the sexiest athlete on the cover:

The reviews generally seem really positive but then the overall score is underwhelming and I think that's more to do with it not being much of an upgrade over the previous version. I have no doubt that it's by far the best baseball game available and one of the best sports games but this is what will happen when you churn out a similar version every single year.

I'm gonna pick it up next weekend partly because Bautista is on the cover (I know, I'm a chump). I think it's a cool collectible and I love the series. Although from reading some reviews, it's a shame that they still haven't fixed the netcode for online play. MLB 10 was good and playable online, MLB 11 was god-awful. I don't know how things went wrong there.

If anyone else buys it, I'll be up for some online games. I'm sure they'll end either 1-0 or 2-1 with each of us striking out 20 times though.
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