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Originally Posted by 420puffer
^ I highly doubt and hope that Elgin will not trade Corey. He is crucial to the clippers future success
Corey has been great for The Clippers, but when he was injured last season, the team still played superb basketball. And with the addition of Radmanovic, it cut Corey's playing time. Now with Tim Thomas added to replace Radmanovic, I think Corey will be expendable. But, if Tim Thomas doesn't work with The Clippers, they can still keep Corey. That's why I think they will wait until the middle of the season. To see how Tim, Corey, and the team are doing. If The Clippers are playing as expected, then Corey will stay. That may mean Corey "relegated" to sixth man (some players want to start instead of coming off the bench), but if he is okay with that role, and they are near the top of the division/conference, then The Clippers remain intact. Otherwise, I see a trade.
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