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Default Re: ESPN: Official Peyton Manning Will Not Return to Colts

Since I was just 11 years old when his career in Indy began, it's going to be very weird rooting for them with 18 permanently elsewhere. Looking forward to the Andrew Luck era, but Peyton and Michael Jordan will forever be 1a and 1b on my all-time favorite athletes list.

San Fran would be the perfect fit for him and he'd already step into a situation where his defense would far and away be better than any defense he had in Indy. On top of that he would have one of the league's best backs and Dallas Clark on steroids in Vernon Davis. I figure if he can turn guys like Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, etc. into viable receivers, he could do the same with the 49er wide-outs. But, I just don't see that happening. Alex Smith just had his best season as a pro (although it wasn't anything specially statistically) and bringing Peyton in could cause some chemistry issues.
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