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Default Victory!!!

Beat the Magic by a large margin.

Down by 20 at one point, Paul Silas ejected by the referees.

Kemba started the 4th quarter and finished the game while Augustin didn't take part in the 4th.

Some thoughts:

- The combined force of Mullens and Biyombo is unexpectedly strong. Both grabbed a ton of rebounds and seem to complement each other very well.

- The 4th quarter rotation of Kemba, Hendo, Maggette, Biyombo, and Mullens are surprisingly effective, at least in this game. Orlando is known as a killer 3pt shooting team and all of our players have guarded Orlando's shooters effectively. They drained 2 3pts out of 11 attempts in the 4th quarter.

- Biyombo, regardless of his actual age, has already shown Ben Wallace-type strength. Considering Dwight Howard scored 36 pts just a day ago, locking Howard to "just" 15 points is amazing. I didn't see excessive double teams this game, which is crucial playing against a team that shoots a truck load of 3s.

- Orlando played cheap nearing the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. They kept fouling Biyombo and forced him to shoot free throws as soon as the Bobcats inbounded the ball. So far Biyombo hits less than half of his FTs attempted but his shooting mechanics look great. I'd say even better than Gerald Wallace's.

- The refs continue to stink in our home court. There was one possession in which Biyombo tipped a defensive rebound, and the refs called goaltending. I suppose one of the refs was conscious enough to deny the call and changed it to a jump ball (which the Bobcats were certainly to have grabbed the rebound). Dwight Howard then came in and won the jump ball. Yet one of the refs blew the whistle again, and reset the jump ball with, I think Glen Davis, against Biyombo for some reason. In the end Biyombo easily won the tip and us took the posession of the ball.

- No ****ing Boris Diaw. I think we finally found the culprit of so many losses. I recall there's an article from the Observer saying that Silas needs to find the "competitors" and probably sort them from the rest. I guess taking the reverse approach finding the slackers is easier and at minimum, won us the game today.

- Your thoughts?
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