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Originally Posted by Darius
That's not precisely true... we lost like 10 out of 15 games after Corey went down... though Q. Ross managed to mature into a starting role and staunch the bleeding.

I think Corey's importance will be greater this year because Livingston will be starting and 1) we'll need Corey's scoring because Livingston isn't the scorer Cassell is and 2) Livingston creates alot of easy opportunities for an athlete like Corey.
We'll see. But at least The Clippers are moving in the right direction. Keeping Casell was a must. Livingston may turn out to be a great point guard, but he still needs some help and Sam "I am" is the perfect teacher for him and for the team. Just look at last season. I'm looking at another deep run into the playoffs for this team. Anything less would be a disappointment.
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