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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things

1. No way top 5 of all time, I am not much of a baseball fan but there is no way he cracks top 5 EVER. Not even close.

Not even close? He has a chance at the HR record if he decides to play into his 40's. He has a chance to finish his career with 800HR/2400RBI...both would be all-time records. He has won gold gloves, although his feilding has really declined since those days. Maybe he can turn that part of his game around... there is still time.

He will certainly have a case for top five.

3. 300 is not overrated, it was absolutely beautiful to watch and visually stunning.I felt as if I was watching a battle on an alien planet with all of the fantastic monsters and characters. Far from my favorite, but I loved it. Yes, very cliche dialogue in some areas, but if you can watch a movie with the sound off and still be enamored by it, you are watching a good movie.

That is all that movie has going for it - the visuals. The characters perform poorly, the casting job was horrible. I'm talking about what made great movies great. It wasn't how it looked, it was much deeper than that. This movie is lacking those things heavily. It's eye candy.

4.I'm bored to tears watching him and the Spurs play but he is one of the best ever.

That's the thing, a big man who controls the game from the post, makes the right reads, gets the ball to the right players, etc is fun to watch. To me it is, anyway.
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