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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things

Originally Posted by Carbine
Not even close? He has a chance at the HR record if he decides to play into his 40's. He has a chance to finish his career with 800HR/2400RBI...both would be all-time records. He has won gold gloves, although his feilding has really declined since those days. Maybe he can turn that part of his game around... there is still time.

He will certainly have a case for top five.

That is all that movie has going for it - the visuals. The characters perform poorly, the casting job was horrible. I'm talking about what made great movies great. It wasn't how it looked, it was much deeper than that. This movie is lacking those things heavily. It's eye candy.

Stats don't make the player. Rod has all the talent in the world but his lack of playoff performances will be his demise. Are you honestly going to put him ahead of Ruth, Mantle, Mays, Dimaggio, and Jeter? That's just five he'll never pass, regardless of stats and I'm not even including pitchers (I'm focusing on Ruth's HR's).

I guess it takes more knowledge of the difficulties of film production to appreciate the aesthetics of 300. I know acting and other character variables are important to film, but my god, that movie was beautiful. It was watching a video game set within a Rembrandt painting.
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