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Default OT: DMX Dissin' The West Coast


Rapper DMX, who recently finished 2 films and signed onto another was featured in a newspaper that just surfaced, where he opens up and doesn't hold back his tongue for his dislike for westcoast hip hop music. X made clear that he appreciated and respected the talent back in his native home in New York more than he did out in the west, where he currently resides. X claimed NY rappers talked about real issues and struggles, while westcoast music is about being laid back and lacking hardship. X mentioned The Game's name as a reference to a westcoast rapper that he could relate to due to his New York flavor. X said that he was able to respect him for that and couldn't really think of anyone else out west besides him that he could respect for that.

In a quote from Ventura County Star, X was reported as stating, "I don't like a lot of West Coast rappers. West Coast rap is too laid back, too focused on marijuana with all the blunts and lowriders. There's nothing honest. There's no trouble in it, you know? There's no hardship in it. Everyone in L.A. that raps has a lowrider and a fat blunt. Back here in New York, we're still walkin' and still smokin' dirt, you know? There's no hardship in their rap, there's nothin' to make you say, I can relate to that."

DMX is one of my favorite MC's. Don't know what to make of this.
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