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Default Re: ESPN: Official Peyton Manning Will Not Return to Colts

Originally Posted by Carbine
If he's trying to avoid Eli, then that eliminates all NFC teams.

Then it comes down to the only teams in a good enough situation - which leaves those three teams I listed. I don't think Houston is going to give up on Schaub.
I think he'd go to an Arizona, etc. before the Jets. In watching the Jets over the years, and watching Eli and Peyton, and hearing the father talk about their differences (in referencing why Eli is good in NY) it was clear that NYC, the size, the media, was not for him. And again, i remember the Manning bowl and how he (and Eli) don't want to talk about each other or be compared about each other. Being in NY will mean the newspapers will literally have a PEYTON VS. ELI scale they will show every day.

I'm actually confident in Miami (he only needs one team, i think some people are making it like he needs a choice of five to pick from or something, he really only needs one to fit). But i could see some other teams. But not the Jets, that i am super confident in.
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