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I don't Think Boone or Adams will ever be starters in the NBA. So I can't see them getting more than a B. I think A.Johnson (Mem) is a better prostect than Boone. I also think the Nets needed more size in the 2nd round J.Williams of (Wyo), Pittsnogle, Killingsworth and Mensah-Bonsa were still on the board, but they can get one of those guys as a rookie free agent.

1. There are very rare starters to be found at the 23rd + 54th that would've fit our need.

2. Johnson is not a sure thing at all. I hate on Boone, but dude is a lot more polished and tested than Johnson ever was. Alexander is just an atheletic freak which is why everyone loves him.

3. Pittsnoggle sucks. Hasaan is wayyyy better in terms of needs. Pitt has a nice stroke and height but he's fat, slow, and uncordinated. He averaged the same amount of rebounds as Adams in college too. Hasaan has room to get better, Pitt does not.

4. I like Marco Killingsworth a lot, but he doesn't have that much size. He's no taller than 6-6 and he's trying to be a powerforward. He's not good at defense and it'll be tough for him to dominate in the league like he did in the Big Ten. He doesn't play defense very well either despite having long arms. Even if, taking Hasaan Adams over Marco is not worth dropping from an A to a B-.

So re-assess your draft.
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