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Default Re: Official UCLA Bruins Thread:

Originally Posted by beer
yeah should of asked unc or arkansas.

anyways, good luck in the tourney. hopefully next year ld2 and the wears will carry us to a NIT championship

Are you really moving to Arkansas from California? That's gonna suck. Not much to do here. Northwest Arkansas is a really nice area but there's nothing there to compare to a true big city. Fayetteville is a really good college town though.

Only reason I'm a big UNC fan is because I've got family from there and my dad is from there. On top of that, I'm 24 and Arkansas has been irrelevant for the last 15 years. I know this makes me sound like a fair-weather fan but ever since I was 9 years old basketball season has just been a way to kill time until spring football. It's almost like the culture around here pertaining to basketball was just "whatever". There's still some carry over die-hard fans from the Nolan Richardson days but I'm barely old enough to remember the 1994 National Championship team. With Mike Anderson being back, though, basketball is starting to gain more steam. I still think they're the sleeping-giant of SEC basketball. And even if he does get Arkansas back to where they were under Nolan Richardson (which I think he can) I'm not going to all of a sudden jump onto the bandwagon. I've gotten way too emotionally invested in UNC basketball for the last decade to just quit being a fan.
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