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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

This is the most hilarious thing to me.

The lakers after ASB won 3 games in a row. People we're talking about what a great team this was, now they lose two and everyone is throwing a riot.

There is absolutely nothing about Mike Brown's coaching that suggests he is an "idiot". To be honest, no NBA coach is an idiot. Every NBA coach needs to have their style of players to be able to put their vision out on the court.

Instead of blaming the fact that we have the worst 1 and 3 in the league, starting, people attack coach. The reason we lost the last two games had nothing to do with execution. The lakers were up by 20 points against the wizards, and Bynum made Seraphin look like Kobe in the fourth quarter.

The pistons we're getting a lot of easy opportunities even though they played good defense. Why don't we blame the players who were supposed to be rebounding, and defending. Instead its brown's fault, because his players play like shit?

Please... April fools isn't until next month.
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