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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by DKLaker

Just as I reported on here 2-3 weeks ago, at least half the team........maybe the entire team now is unhappy with Brown.

Lakerfreak fought hard to pretend there was no signs of this and no articles written.......well my friend Lakerfreak.......digest this one!!!!!

A couple guys on here got this that Brown will probably be 1 and done here.
I said the guy was a horrible coach.....James Worthy pretty much said so too during & after the Detroit game.....I was shocked that he came out so hard on the air. I was all laughs at Brown's coaching with the Cavs, I am not laughing now that he is our problem

The guy has no freaking clue how to run an offense.....there is no plan or strategy....just incoherent randomness.....funny that Worthy said this exact same thing I had already said. Our offensive output is the worst for a Lakers team in the shot clock era. Heavens to Hamblen!!!!
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