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Arrow *OFFICIAL* ORLANDO MAGIC game discussion thread. **including playoffs!

post your thoughts and opinions on the ORLANDO games here.

After discussing with my fellow posters on the board. I've come to the conclusion of making ONE thread for all games.

GT's may still be posted in the NBA FORUM but after game recaps, thoughts and opinions of the game will be posted here.

Whether your a MAGIC fan, or just dropping by. Tell us your thoughts on the game.

All previews, recaps and standings ect. will be posted by MYSELF. BUT if i happen to be absent from the forum, be sure to post them yourself. This threads not only for me, but for everyone on this site.

Here we may...
  • Share our thoughts pre-game, during the games, and post game.
  • A recap of the game will be posted (VIA insidehoops; THANKS JEFF.)
  • Our standings, will also be posted here.
  • Injuries, if happens WILL be posted.
  • Media (pictures, audio, videos, articles) all may be posted on this threads. [As long as it relates to the game.]

This is the place for us Magic fans to discuss about our games.

If i happen to be absent, be sure to post your own PREVIEWS, RECAPS and STANDINGS. be sure to post the source of there you go them from.

Recaps: Insidehoops (click daily recaps)
Previews: Insidehoops
Schedule: Orlando Magic
*NOTE: Game threads WILL NOT need to be posted in the magic forum any more.

Happy posting people, enjoy the thread.

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