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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by DKlaker really don't know much about sources do you???
CBS sports IS have heard of CBS haven't know, they're a national television network

This article was very light compared to the many sources that said the team was turning on Brown......Ramona Shelburne being one.....but maybe you never heard of her either

John Ireland......but maybe you never heard of him either

Wow the extent of your puckering up to the incompetent has no limit.......and no reality balancing system does it. Next you'll tell me that Fish and Blake are better least 1 other PG combo in the NBA

Wake up bro......wake up!!!!!!!! Wake the FK up

Edit: Don't make me have to come back on here and explain what ESPN know who Ramona is.......but you still ignore the obvious.
Brown is a very nice person.....I like him as a person.
I absolutely love D-Fish as a person.
I would be far more happy right now if Fish was the head coach and would never play another game.....never ever........and Brown could be his assistant

The players know Brown has no freaking clue as to what he is doing.....sure they like him.....but don't want him as their coach. At this point I think every single player has complaints about him. It's obvious that he's the wrong guy...........Jimmy Buss hire.....go figure

Sure the Lakers need help at the 1 and 3......but playing DFish the last 6 minutes of the game

Q: What do you do if you have a team that isn't shooting worth a crap?

A: You work the ball inside and if you shoot outside you have at least 3 guys crashing the boards to get 2nd chance opportunities.

Q: Who would be more effective to have in the game when Kobe is in Shooting Mode......Pau or McRoberts?

A: Give me the rebounder, McRoberts........Pau doesn't have a crowbar to pry the ball outta Kobe's hands, so you might as well rest him. McRob wants nothing more than to go get the ball.

A coach has to know how to put the right players in at the right times, use them to the best of their abilities. You also can't be afraid to dictate and give orders to your best player. Brown fails at these and much more.

1) Where are those "many sources" that all claim they're turning on brown? The only other source i'd seen was the crappy role players that kept getting inconsistent playing time.

2) I heard enough of her (Ramona) on the radio interview simply stating they want a change in the offense.

Wow the extent of your puckering up to the incompetent has no limit.......and no reality balancing system does it. Next you'll tell me that Fish and Blake are better least 1 other PG combo in the NBA
I never in my sober or drunk mind said these point guards were great on any level. So I don't know why you're trying to convince other posters possibly reading this that I would make such a stupid claim. Besides, we aren't even speaking about point guards are we? Why deviate from the initial subject? And yet, I am the one who is puckering up to the incompetent? Who's the incompetent here? mike brown? A coach that has made this team one of the best defenses in the league? Sounds very incompetent.

4) Saying "I love Mike Brown as a person" is not in any way a means of building credibility on the subject. You're sounding like one of those extremists on the general forum that say "I love Kobe, he's my favorite, but he's so bad at basketball".

I personally have no clue how Mike Brown is as a person, but when I watch basketball, I say he's got one heck of a system that can certainly be the main foundation of a dynasty one day. It just needs some modifications. What do I mean by modifications? A simply change of role players. Add Ramon Sessions, let luke, ron, others expire, or buy them out. Sign some free agents that are all hustle to complement the ball dominating styles of our big three.

You see, the problem with our system is not that it isn't executed well, its that we don't have the positions to fill in all our service needs.

In a bank, you need an accountant, a banker, a bunch of tellers, a couple of managers....etc.
Right now in this lakers' bank, we have the accountant, and we have managers....but we are lacking the tellers to do most of these transactions. We need a hustle guy, we need a 6th man, and we need a starting point guard, and a starting small forward. Do we have any of these? Absolutely not, nothing that would ever measure up to 10% of what this team needs to get done. It is sad, but as I've mentioned time and time again, we have an amazing "big three" but nothing to complement them. Against the pistons, who else besides Kobe, Bynum, and Pau actually contributed?

It's obvious that he's the wrong guy

That is a line I can be open to listening to. I just heard this on the radio today from that guy that speaks early morning, forget his name. He said Mike Brown is a very good coach, but he just doesn't have the right team. He would be good for the heat, the bulls, any team that needs a defense first mentality.
The problem is that the lakers are an offensive minded team because of Phil's intense teaching of X's and O's.

So maybe he's not the right type of coach, so how do you change that? Do you fire him? No. You need to change the style of this team. Bring in those new players to complement Kobe, Bynum. Pau Gasol probably won't fit this system. Might be better to trade him.

Guys like Kobe are superstars, they can play in any system. I don't wanna hear that he can't. So maybe we should just blow up this team, give it a brand new make over. Keep Kobe and Bynum. Build around them.

6) Your Q and A's aren't bad answers. I would actually agree with that. The problem is, Kobe is in shooting mode most of the time. Are you gonna sit Pau down most of the game?
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