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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* ORLANDO MAGIC game discussion thread.

Current Standings:
New Jersey Nets: 35 - 39 [0GB]
Orlando Magic: 34 - 41 [1.5GB]
Indiana Pacers: 32 - 42 [3GB]
New York Knicks: 31 - 43 [4GB]

The final 2 spots i think are now on lock. Orlando will now see the playoffs, and will probably be versing the top Detroit Pistons first round.

New Jersey are now on a roll, and i dont think where going to be catching them.

Indiana have been in a slump ever since the all-star break, and now are looking to continue their slump till the rest of the season.

New York; once thought to have had a chance to make the playoffs have dropped their last 3 and look like they're out of the race.
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