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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
What has Brown done for us lately give us a 6-14 road record and now just to salvage a mediocre record on the road we need to go 11-2 which is a joke! Well thanks to mike brown ofcourse an overrated defensive minded coach which would be good if only he was to implement an offensive minded team that can coexist as a cohesive unit instead of just letting kobe chucking up atrocious circus shots after another and not feeding our hungry bigs in the post is out of the texture! Well atleast kobe will get himself a scoring title eventhough he doesn't have the nucleus in him to share the rock more often in getting the larry o'brien trophy?

Ha! Overrated defensive coach. Lakers are one of the top defensive teams this season.

Road losses are on the players as they need to be more prepared to endure the traveling. Coaching doesn't change. I don't see how knowledge suddenly becomes shifted when one spontaneously travels.

Phil Jackson always tried to tell kobe to stop shooting. He really could never get Kobe to stop taking bad shots either. Really, player attitudes and coaching techniques have very little to no correlation.
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