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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by Rooster
Kirilenko and Krstic are looking great in Euroleague.

You see the difference.

Anthony Parker = Euroleague GOAT

Anthony Parker =. NBA role player

Current Anthony Parker = starter in the NBA

Current Anthony Parker = not good enough to play in the main rotation of any serious Euroleague club.

He is still in the NBA, because he can start there.

You are a clown. A clown that goes on endlessly about Bob McAdoo or Dominique Wilkins being "old" in Euroleague, but at the same time, ALWAYS pretends that Anthony Parker, at age 36, is in his prime in the NBA.

Your sad joke is, "the corpse of NBA McAdoo was in Euroleague"....

never mind that was 25 years ago............

Well, the corpse of Euroleague Anthony Parker is a STARTER in the CURRENT NBA.

You are a CLOWN.

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