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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
Europe is real confusing.

It's basically where America was in the 60s, with the ABL, then there was the Industrial League... or was it AAU... or was it NABL....the NBA, the ABA......

I can't even tell for sure if Benetton Treviso was in the Euroleague when scalabrine was there, but it kinda looks like he was playing against the Italian national teams

Scalabrine played in Eurocup, not Euroleague.

Think of it this way:

First tier of North American basketball = NBA

Second tier of North American basketball = D-League

First tier of European basketball = Euroleague

Second tier of European basketball = Eurocup (where Scalabrine played)

Besides that, he was playing in the national league of Italy. Which is the league of ONE SINGLE country in Europe, not the "Euroleague", which is a league of European-wide, and even some Asian teams.

Hopefully, that helps explain it.

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