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Default Re: The Official Homework Help Each Other Thread

Originally Posted by GoRapz
This isn't homework

but can anyone tell me if it's hard to get into business? i want to become a business man.

Then do not major in business. A buiness major will enable you to read spreadsheets, most CEO's have degrees in philosophy or history. Very rarely do rich business men have business degrees. If anyone is interested in being a laywer, get your degree in philosophy before law school, not political science. It's been proven that philosophy majors score higher on the LSATs then pol-sci majors.

The subjects I excel in are the arts, mainly literature and film, although I do know some about theatre history and performance. I also am semi informed in ancient Greek literature, especially the Iliad and Odyssey. So with the guys that know their science and math, there seems to be plenty of available help on here.
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