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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by Euroleague
No Kirilenko, no Krstic, 3rd string players getting significant minutes........and CSKA was one of the WORST teams of Euroleague last year, winning just 3 games.

Keep trying moron.

James Jones - 35 minutes (can't get rotation time with Heat at the moment)
Kenny Hasbrouck - 20 minutes (NEVER played an NBA game, since waived)
Patrick Beverly - 16 minutes (NEVER played an NBA game, since waived)

Let me remind you that Wade did not play and Lebron only played 26 minutes.

So don't sound all high and mighty with your "CSKA played 3rd stringers" etc - when the Heat obviously fielded their nobodies also.

ps. The way you talk about Kristic and Kirilenko here makes them sound like prime Jordan and Pippen (transforming a trash Euroleague team that can barely win a game into a powerhouse). Are statues on the way for them also?
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