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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by GOBB
Redskins have a solid defense. The biggest hole there was QB. They gave up a ton no doubt, but they can fill their holes via free agency.

Resign London Fletcher, go after interior OL in free agency. Then bargain hunt for CB, DL.
London Fletcher is a great player... A HOFer in my opinion. But, the guy is 37-years-old. There is going to come a time probably very soon where he is not able to be the difference-maker on a defense. If they are going to rely on Fletcher to lead their defense during this RG3 era, that is a tremendous risk that is bound to fail, imo, as much as I love London.

Who is their No. 1 receiver? Santana Moss? Jabar Gaffney?

How is their offensive line?

They better hope these areas are pretty well established if they are giving up this much.

This was my worst nightmare as a Browns fan and one of the reasons I was so apprehensive about RG3 in the first place. I thought we would have to give up too much. Well, my fears were justified. Thankfully, we didn't sell the farm.

I'm very happy with retaining Nos. 4, 22 and 37. We have a real chance to make great strides in this pretty loaded draft. In order to match Washington's package, we would have probably had to give up those three picks plus next year's No. 1... F#CK THAT.

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