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Default Re: My seeds from 1 through 13 (if I were the committee)

- Leaving Kansas as a 1 seed for now. Duke would have to win the ACC tournament to have a chance to get a top seed. It might be enough for OSU or MSU to get to the finals of the Big 10 tournament to get a 1 seed, but I believe if either of them win it, they're replacing Kansas and jumping over Duke.

- California losing in the semis of the Pac-12 tournament to Colorado definitely doesn't help their cause, but as you see, I had them in as the last 11 seed. I had 4 at large teams behind them. I don't necessarily believe the loss drops them behind those four teams AND one other at large team.

- Tournament games help solidify my view of teams especially with the eye test. I've seen enough now of the MW teams playing each other to feel UNLV probably deserves a 6 (maybe 7, but teams in that area are all so close) seed while New Mexico would be a 6 seed also. Sand Diego St could move up to a 5 with a win over NM. Really hard to judge the teams in this league as far as a pecking order.

- I wonder if Michigan has a shot at a 2 seed if they beat OSU and MSU in consecutive days. Same can be said for Baylor if they follow up beating Kansas with a win against Missouri.

- Cincy gets well off the 8/9 zone if they win the Big East tournament. I think Louisville is firmly planted as a 4 seed though.

- I agree with you IL. The winners of the 8/9 games that have to play Kentucky, Syracuse or North Carolina are doomed. lol
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