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Any average pointguard could be on the floor for less minutes than iverson and still get more assists than him.

Good argument....almost.

Luke Ridnour for example. He averaged 7 assists in 33 minutes. If he was in for as long as Iverson he would get about 10 assists. If Iverson distributes the ball so much, than why was he #3 in the league in field goal attempts?

Because Allen Iverson is also the best scorer on his team far and away while Ridnour isn't even close. The fact that not only did Iverson score so much but also dish out 7-8 assists a game is amazing. There's only 2 other players that have ever done it.

If you give Korver or Webber the ball DO NOT EXPECT TO GET IT BACK, 7 out of 10 times, they will shoot a jumper.

Where do you keep coming up with these numbers?

Iguodala is out there for enough time, but thats not what we are arguing about, He doesnt get enough touches when he is out. You look nowhere beyond a box score. If you watched almost every 76er game like I did, then you would know what i'm talking about.

Bull****t he doesn't. Iggy got plenty of touches, he doesn't have a scorers mentality. He hangs around in the corner and if he gets the ball he'll take the three there, possibly drive which usually leads to a kickout, or he'll give the ball back. He's even said he doesn't have a scorers mentality, that he has more of point guard mentality. And again, if it's about AI, than why is that Iggy didn't score a lot in high school or college either?
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