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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
So far, so good. We have been drafting well since Shanny And Allen came in.

Not thrilled about losing 2 first Rounders but moves must be made and I'm Ecstatic to have one of the most rare elite QB prospects in history.

Haven't wanted a college guy to be a Redskin this much since Sean T. I knew he would be a Skin and I knew RG 3 would end up being one. Eat shit Philly, Dallas, Giants. The time has come to get terrorized by a WSH QB. The world tends to try and balance itself out.

With that OL Skins have and no #1 WR? We're afriad. Call me when Deadskins improve actual areas of need to help RGIII transition run smoothly.
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