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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I think there is an excellent chance of this happening. The Redskins are not a quarterback away from being a threat in that division. Maybe if that quarterback was a prime Peyton Manning doing his line-of-scrimmage brilliance, but not a very talented, very young QB who is going to take years to become elite and, in the meantime, have insufficient resources both on the current roster and in future draft picks.

I'll tell you this... By the time RG3 hits his prime, Shanahan may be long gone. If this doesn't pan out in the first few years, there is going to be tremendous backlash. If those first round picks over the next two years are in the Top 10?

He's a goner. He is basically putting his job in the hands of RG3.

Rams fans must be in seventh heaven. What a deal. My god.

The team that really hit the "lottery" this year wasn't Washington... And it wasn't even Indy with Luck. It is St. Louis which can basically transform their team over the course of the next three drafts.

Why would anybody claim of the Skins hitting the lottery?

We obviously struck in quality, not quantity. It took a big price but two first rounders is absolutely worth having a rare elite QB with no glaring weaknesses and every necessary strength to step up and be the franchise player.

Insufficient resources? Say hello to the ~$40 million in cap space that we can use to get any a WR like Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston. Even an Eddie Royal on the cheap to return kicks and play slot in a familiar system.

Or a G like Ben Grubbs or Carl Nicks to protect and make a difference in the running game. Shit, we could even decide to give Peyton Hillis a deal and let him return to Shanahan, he obviously hates Cleveland.

You just aren't knowledgable enough to make statements on Washington's upcoming free agency options or the current team. We were bad at 5-11 but have some talent to work with.

Griffin is far better off in D.C. than in Cleveland. He belongs here where he can be an icon to a bigger market and one starving for a face of franchise.

CLE has some solid players on their roster but your remarks for our organization can just as easily be applied to CLE except that we have a coach that players will buy in for more. The reason you didn't want to give up as much as we did is because you know that the Browns are lacking in many areas and need to spread it out rather than strike the iron while it's hottest for a top prospect when needed most, like in the case of the Washington Redskins.

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