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Default Re: My seeds from 1 through 13 (if I were the committee)

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Well they should definitely take previous years experience into account, otherwise we see Kansas choking again and again as top seed. It is pretty much a safe pick for them to lose early in the tournament nowadays, if you are doing mock bracket hoping for some upsets.

Umm this... You have a point, Sullinger has been dominant in the two tourney games so we will see how good Ohio State can be. Still, my opinion stands that they are better than Michigan State.

We can agree that at their best, Ohio St is a bit better than MSU, but at some point hypotheticals have to go out the window. All I KNOW is MSU has outplayed OSU for three of the four halves they have played against each other and were perhaps a Dawson injury away from sweeping the season series.

Either way, both teams have proven they can lose to teams worse than them more than once this season so being better when they are on only matters if they're on that game.
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