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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by GOBB
With that OL Skins have and no #1 WR? We're afriad. Call me when Deadskins improve actual areas of need to help RGIII transition run smoothly.

The o line played pretty well in the second half of the season, allowing rookies like Helu and Royster to put up multiple 100 yard games. The coaching of the ZBS is starting to form an identity in Redskin land and it's helpful for the rest of the offense for this stability to build accordingly.

Whose to say with 40 mil of cap room we won't sign a beast G like Ben Grubbs (who I want) or Carl Nicks?

I promise you we will sign one of Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, Garcon or another upgrade WR in FA along with Eddie Royal who knows the offense and will play slot/ maybe return kicks. Leonard Hankerson is a talented youngster who started playing well before be injured his hip. He will start and improve opposite V.Jackson or someone Who's the Eagles number one receiver? Oh yeah, they don't have one. Jabar Gaffney outperformed Jeremy Maclin with Rex as his QB.

Don't be salty just because we drafted a prospect who looks better than Vick throwing the ball in college and looks like a better prospect. Oh yeah, and he actually has a brain

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