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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Wow GOBB, stfu. The point was very simple: A superstar franchise QB is worth sacrificing 2 first round picks. QB is the most crucial position in sports, it's not sending off 2 1sts for a safety. Elite QB prospects are worth giving up valuable assets for.

I know the guy hasn't taken a snap yet. Thanks for the revelation. I should just direct you to every thread where you either a.) praise RG3 with as much kindness that your loser POS ass is capable of or b.) note with fervent tenacity how much you DON'T want him on the Skins

It's ok to be shook, son. No such thing as halfway crooks. Both STL and WSH will make out like bandits, mutual beauty in this trade. Go ahead and make your predictable arguments and talk your predictable shit while adding a at the end of the paragraph.

You were always fearful that dude would be a Redskin and now the day has come. Everyone knows you didn't want this. Now it's my time to

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