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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

I don't see how anyone can defend this trade.. It's a disaster waiting to happen. It's so typical of the Redskins/Snyder to overreact and go overboard on this trade.

I like RG3 and all but he's not worth 3 1st round picks. Remember that the Skins will probably start RG3 next year and there's only so much a raw, scrambling rookie QB can do in his first season, combine that with a bad offensive line, bad WR core, etc, it's another 5-11 season for the skins and they'll lose next year's top 10 pick. I'm sure the Skins could have traded down a few spots and selected the third best QB in the draft. What about a player like Ryan Tennehill or just wait to select Barkley next season. Geez.. this is why the Redskins have been shit this past decade

And is RG3 this much of a can't miss prospect? Scrambling, mobile QB's usually don't live up to the hype.. But I guess he has that Steve Young potential..
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