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Default Free Agent Help Please!

I need some input on free agents in one of my fantasy leagues. It's a Total Season Point scoring system.

In parentheses are fantasy points per game in an ESPN league.

Available: Pachulia (23), Faried (25.6), Sessions (23.9), Booker (23.6), Gee (23.3), Maggette (27.4), Dunleavy (23.7) and Landry (22.2) are available.

Weak links on my team are Devin Harris (21.7) and SuperCoolBeas (22.2)...

I'll be getting Z-Bo back in my line up this week, but I want to bolster the roster a bit.

I'm hesitant to drop Harris and SuperCoolBeas, because of who they are, but they're not really producing. Do you think any of the available guys will produce through the rest of the season? Opinions?
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