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Default ISH Mock NFL draft

Anybody wanna do a Mock NFL draft? We've been doing it in years past and now that we actually have a forum it will be easier. I guess we'll wait like a month or so to start drafting but if anyone's interested just post what team you'll like to take. Each poster will take 2-3 teams(unless he only wants 1) and only reliable posters please.

I'll take the niners and some leftover teams

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::RULES::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
1) Every poster has around 1-2 days to make their selection. If they do not pick the consensus pick will be given or if you know you'll be away just PM me or someone else to make the pick for them
2) When selecting the pick add a picture of the player, his position and a little description why it's a good pick
3)The Official Mock NFL draft thread(not created yet) is for selections only and no discussion. This thread will be fore discussion and everything else, we can create other threads as well
4) No trading picks for other picks or players. It will be a mess
5) Don't forget about your teams.. We should PM other people telling them it's time to pick


Arizona Cardinals -irondarts
Atlanta Falcons -Knickballer
Baltimore Ravens -King Beasley
Buffalo Bills -irondarts
Carolina Panthers -irondarts
Chicago Bears -Ballinhun
Cincinnati Bengals -Riddler
Cleveland Browns - RBA
Dallas Cowboys - primetime
Denver Broncos -KG
Detroit Lions -irondarts
Green Bay Packers -Jazz
Houston Texans -Beasley
Indianapolis Colts -Lewbosky
Jacksonville Jaguars -takeittothehoop
Kansas City Chiefs -takeittothehoop
Miami Dolphins -Ballinhun
Minnesota Vikings -knickballer
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants -niko
New York Jets -niko
Oakland Raiders -TheSilentKiller
Philadelphia Eagles -posterize
Pittsburgh Steelers -Jailblazers
San Diego Chargers -takeittothehoop
San Francisco 49ers -Knickballer
Seattle Seahawks -Riddler
St. Louis Rams -GoBB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -KG
Tennessee Titans -irondarts
Washington Redskins- King Beasley

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