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Default Re: Official Jeremy Lin photos and pictures thread. Linsanity photoshops!

Originally Posted by DMV2
I think it's time to unsticky this now. Linsanity(the hype) is official dead, just gotta hope hey can get their shit together and get into the playoff. Linsanity could have a chance to resurrect again in the playoffs.

R.I.P Linsanity (Feb 4th to Feb 29th)

- 10W-3L(02/04 to 02/29) including 8-straight, 7-1 without Melo and 4-0 without Amare during Lin's first 8 starts.
- 10 straight games of new career-highs including that 9 turnover vs the Hornets in which ESPN used "Ch*nk in the Armour" on their Web site headline.
- 38 on the Lakers
- 28 and 14 against the defending champs Mavs on national TV

Fun times....let's just hope Linsanity can come back in late April- assuming the Knicks make the playoffs.

We'll always have February of 2012

"Remember when that Asian guy played well for a short time? What was his name again? Jerry Flynn? Whatever happened to that guy?"

"Didn't Carmelo kill some asian dude back in the day? Yeah, I think that was it........"

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