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Default Re: Gotham City Imposters (PSN/XBLA/Steam)

According to the wiki there's 100 levels per rank, with ten ranks total. There's some serious grind in this game, I'd be surprised if I get to 100. I think I'm at 37 now.

When I first started I mainly used the Dawn patrol. I also really abused the motion sensor and targeting goggles. Seems like people rarely use either anymore. The Bear-Stalker was also used alot initially, but that's also died down a bit.

My Current most used Class:
Deep freezer
Care Package
Glider Rig
Mad Bomber

The Deep Freezer pretty inconsistent, but I'm getting better with it. It's fun to use when your doing well, you can really rack up points with it.

I hope they do something about that sword though, that plus ninja smoke bomb can be frustrating to play against.
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