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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Notice when the lakers are winning, no body says anything about anything. No updates since then after they won their last two.

Im going to come down hard a bit on Kobe and Fish here. I think they're a bit childish. They want the triangle back because they were both starters in a system that they had been playing in for years that they are now completely used to.

It makes me feel like they only know how to play basketball in the triangle. If they are veterans, they should be able to adapt to any playing style. I still cannot believe that they would be doing something like this. The triangle isn't the only way to win a championship.

This is where you are completely missing the point:

This is the lowest scoring Lakers team since the invention of the freaking shot clock in 1955........1955!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we have Kobe Bryant!!!!!!!
Obviously......Very, very obviously Mike Brown cannot coach offense worth a crap.
At this point the players would gladly welcome ANY offense that anyone not named Mike Brown is running........the Triangle would be the quickest easiest change to make.......but anyone's offense would do.
Can you understand this??????

Again.....every player on the team wants to dump Mike Brown's offense.....and probably Mike Brown too.
It's ridiculous to try to blame Fish and Kobe for Brown's incompetence!!!!!

Brown just got here and hasn't won crap.......yet you want to take his side over our proven winners
You have so much to learn about basketball......I'm glad you are doing well in school

As for the "Nobody says anything when they are winning" comment.......go look at the thread from the first Boston game which the Lakers will see that I was finally fed up with Brown's horrible coaching and decided to voice my opinion......that was following a big win.......this squashes your theory!!!!

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