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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony may not have wanted Knicks to sign J.R. Smith

Originally Posted by el gringos
Not true- jr is in ny only because Carmelo is there. JR smith and Carmelo have wanted to play together for a long time and have never had the chance due to g karls attempt to sabotage the both of them and due to the timing of jr coming on to the team. Now is the time because of the recent bad play to insert jr into the starting lineup. When you don't play your best players together all you are doing as a coach is trying to set up hope for improvement or excuses for failures and not going all out to win (the g karl method of coaching where continuing to coach is more important that trying to be the best team possible) why would a coach do that? Because if you put your best team on the floor and don't win than you have noone to blame but the coach

I always laugh when I hear of Karl's attempts so sabotage the careers of Melo and Smith...especially Melo. Either that or, sometimes, I take a step back and think and just...
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